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External Partnerships

OpenSpace is currently engaged in developing external partnerships with a range of institutions internationally and locally. The Centre has hosted numerous collaborations in the fields of culture and the arts (including Tate Modern); UK policy and politics; as well as international associations. We list a few examples here which can be followed up through individual staff and postgraduate pages.

UK Politics and Public Policy

Allan Cochrane is a member of the Board of Milton Keynes Economy and Learning Partnership.

Doreen Massey is on the board of Lipman-Miliband Trust and the Catalyst Think Tank.

International Collaborations

John Allen is currently working with the Urban Research Centre, University of Western Sydney (UWS), on researching urban infrastructures and financial connections that have shaped developments in London and Sydney. John is also on the Advisory Board of the forthcoming Institute for Humanities and Social Science Research at UWS.

Melissa Butcher is a member of a research network based at the University of Heidelberg's Karl Jasper's Centre for Transcultural Studies. Working with academics from Germany, India, China and France the project is focusing on a comparative study of difference, danger and new urban imaginaries in Asia and Europe.

Parvati Raghuram holds a special chair at the Department of Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Geosciences in the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Petr Jehlicka is an external advisor to the project 'Environmental Values, Beliefs and Behaviour in the Czech Republic in Historical and Cross-National Perspective', funded by the Czech Science Foundation (2010-2012).

Media Engagement

Our commitment to critical geography and to research on politics, ethics and responsibility, means that we value very highly opportunities to engage with the wider public. In the media, members of OpenSpace regularly contribute to BBC Radio and TV (including the very popular OU/BBC series, Coast, and David Attenborough's Climate Change series).