CITiZAN archaeologist Lara Band and volunteers recording features at Orford Ness, Suffolk

The entanglement of nature and culture: making heritage futures in the Côa Valley, Portugal and at Orford Ness, Suffolk


Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA. Venue: Central Meeting Rooms CMR01.

Refreshments will be provided from 13:30

Former OpenSpace researcher Nadia Bartolini, now based at the University of Exeter, will talk about her work on heritage futures.

This presentation will discuss how landscapes undergoing transformation combine both natural and cultural heritage-making practices. Two fieldwork sites will be examined in more detail: a rewilding initiative in North-East Portugal, and a community archaeology project at Orford Ness in Suffolk. In Portugal, rewilding is taking place in semi-abandoned agricultural landscapes where re-introduced ‘wild’ horses coexist with traditional rural farming communities. This presents challenges and opportunities for human/nonhuman relationships when attempting to create ‘new’ future natures. At Orford Ness, a community archaeology project has been recording and monitoring remnants before they disappear into the sea. A short film titled ‘Recording Loss’ will be shown to explore the concept of loss and the persistence of memory in a dynamic coastal environment.  

This work is part of the Heritage Futures programme, a 4-year (2015-19) AHRC-funded interdisciplinary project that compares and contrasts heritage practices across different domains ( I have been the researcher on the Transformation thematic package led by Caitlin DeSilvey at the University of Exeter.


Nadia Bartolini Seminar recording: