cardiff university

OpenSpace Researchers at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, Cardiff University


Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, UK.

The Royal Geographical Society and Institute of British Geographers annual conference will be held this year at Cardiff University, from Tuesday 28th to Friday 31st August, 2018, with a number of OpenSpace members attending and addressing the conference. If you can make it to Cardiff, these are member's interventions from Wednesday to Friday (no OpenSpace members are presenting on the Tuesday).

Wednesday 29th August

In the morning session 'Remaking Geographical Landscapes of Participation (2)', George Revill, Johanna Wadsley and Kim Hammond will present 'Speaking for the environment? Experiments with ‘sonic democracy’ on the North Norfolk Coast (UK)'.

In the afternoon session 'Landscapes of tourism, travel or exploration? Perspectives from historical and tourism geography' Jan van Duppen and George Revill, along with their colleagues from the University of Surrey will present 'From postcards to Instagram: Re-imagining tourist landscapes'. 

Thursday 30 August

In the Thursday morning session 'A Critical Geopolitics of Data? Territories, Topologies, Atmospherics?Parvati Raghuram, Jekaterina Rogaten and Jenna Mittelmeier will present 'At the intersections of borderless and bordered digital learning in higher education: The geopolitics of the ‘international student data’.

At the second morning session 'Theorising space and spatiality in digital geographies', Parvati will also present 'Spatialising the theorisation of digital geographies'. 

Friday 31st August

Parvati will also convene at the Friday morning session 'Critical geographies of higher education and the spatial reconfiguration of the university (1)' and present 'International student migration and development: towards a political ethical perspective on student migration'. 

Meanwhile in a parallel morning session 'Towards playful urban futures? Animating, experimenting and participating in the city as playground (1)' Jan van Duppen will present 'Working the Playground: Urban Gardens as Paradoxical Spaces'

Parvati will also convene the late-morning session 'Critical geographies of higher education and the spatial reconfiguration of the university (2)', whilst at the afternoon session 'Understanding the uneven landscapes of smart cities' she will present 'Assemblage practices in emerging smart technologies: what holds, what doesn’t, and why' with Olly Zanetti.

At the Friday afternoon session 'Capturing the landscape of the conference' Jan van Duppen will present the wonderfully entitled 'Grilled Academics & Sandwiched Socialities: A Critical Review of Food Convivialities at the RGS Conference, Cardiff', whilst in a parallel session 'Excavating multispecies landscapes: temporalities, materialities and the more-than-human Anthropocene (3): ‘Redemption', Andy Morris will present 'From pest to spectacle: the shifting landscapes of human-starling relations'.