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The collaborative style of working at the OU has been incorporated into a practical expertise at hosting and running a wide range of working groups, workshops, all of which have produced research outputs.

SCC DM2019
Doreen Massey Annual Event, 27 March 2019 : Environmental Engagement and the Politics of Creative Practice

In recent years the inter-disciplinary confluence of human geography with a range of other areas such as art (Hawkins, 2013), architecture (Jacobs, 2006) and creativity more generally suggests a confident, outward-looking disciplinary state. The relative absence of design from this intellectual intermingling is somewhat surprising, particularly given design’s…

CITiZAN archaeologist Lara Band and volunteers recording features at Orford Ness, Suffolk
The entanglement of nature and culture: making heritage futures in the Côa Valley, Portugal and at Orford Ness, Suffolk

This presentation will discuss how landscapes undergoing transformation combine both natural and cultural heritage-making practices. Two fieldwork sites will be examined in more detail: a rewilding initiative in North-East Portugal, and a community archaeology project at Orford Ness in Suffolk. In Portugal, rewilding is taking place in semi-abandoned agricultural…

Patent illustrations used with permission from the European Patent Office Espacenet.
Politics of Patents: researching, making and wearing clothing inventions








LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Deep Sea Diver by wiredforlego is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0
'Plastic Childhoods'

This talk will reflect on the initial stages of a project that seeks to instigate a critical analysis of 'plastic childhoods'. It will cut through manifold concerns about the state of contemporary Western childhoods to examine the many ways in which children's lives are entangled with the plastics circulating through social, ecological, hydrological and…

Coastal scene, by Chris Bonfiglioli
Sounding Coastal Change: experiments with ‘sonic democracy’ on the North Norfolk Coast (UK)

The North Norfolk coast is a region of low lying sandy cliffs, dunes, mudflats, creeks, fresh and salt water marshes. These vulnerable habitats and ecologies are subject to erosion and inundation from increasingly severe weather events and tidal surges that also transform human lives and livelihoods. The region is also being transformed by other kinds of impacts…

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Clowning Around in the City as Theatre: Play, Pleasure and Participation in Joan Littlewood’s Future Urbanism

This paper contributes to a growing field of interest in urban futures through an examination of modes of play, pleasure and participation in urban life that pose challenges to a prevailing techno-utopian imaginary. My analysis centres on an archival study of the experimental urbanisms advanced by the British theatre director Joan Littlewood, who from the early…