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The collaborative style of working at the OU has been incorporated into a practical expertise at hosting and running a wide range of working groups, workshops, all of which have produced research outputs.

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Sounding Coastal Change project: 24-hours live radio broadcast event for World Listening Day 2018!

Listen to this unique event on the internet, or on location in Blakeney, North Norfolk!

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Time to Think: Stories of Higher Education and Conflict Transformation from Northern Ireland Prisons (1972-2000)

Philip O'Sullivan, Gabi Kent and Ruth Cammies will talk about this unique research and engagement oral history resource. Time to Think (working title) is a collaborative engagement and research project bringing together former Loyalist and Republican OU students who were political prisoners during the conflict (1972-2000), prison education staff and OU staff.…

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Culture and Climate Change: Seminar

Climate change is urgent and important, but also, for many, boring, difficult and confusing. What kinds of stories, artworks and other interventions are being created in response to ‘the greatest challenge facing humanity’ — a challenge that is also apparently forgettable?

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Planetary Placemaking in the Anthropocene: The Past, Present and Future of People on Earth

Human activity is seen as a major transformative force on Earth. The concept of the Anthropocene has encapsulated the magnitude of this force. The transgression of ‘planetary boundaries’ by humans and its impact on terrestrial landscapes has emerged as a global concern. Here I apply the concept of “placemaking” from geographical and urban studies to landscapes…

Advancing the Conversation on Gender: What’s Next for Women in the Tech Industry?

Conversations around why comparatively few women choose careers in technology have become commonplace, with tech companies, non-profits and governments creating a raft of different initiatives to increase the number of women in the industry. There is now greater awareness and discussion around this issue, but the numbers are slow to change with only slightly more…