Industry Associations, Health Innovation and Development

May 2013 - May 2015

Congratulations to Dr Theo Papaioannou for being awarded a Leverhulme grant on his research project titled "Unpacking the role of industry associations in diffusion and governance of health innovations in developing countries".

About the project

This new 2-year project tries to get inside the black box of innovation and politics, researching whether and in what ways biopharmaceutical associations in developing countries promote technological capabilities and effective governance of health innovation. The overarching aim is to produce a theoretically embedded, empirically-grounded, and policy relevant analysis of the role of biopharmaceutical associations in knowledge diffusion and governance. Social scientific research has a gap in understanding this role in developing countries. The activities of biopharmaceutical associations are a persistent blind spot. In this research project, the focus is on India and South Africa. The main objectives are:

  • To advance understanding of the under-researched role of pharmaceutical industry associations in diffusion and governance of technological innovation and knowledge.
  • To make a detailed investigation of the practical impact of this role on health delivery in developing countries.
  • To compare the distinct innovation and governance capabilities of industry associations in emerging biopharmaceutical powers.
  • To provide high quality academic and policy outputs.