Space and Power

Research in this theme investigates how power relationships can be experienced and observed through a spatial analysis.

Work in this theme focuses on three broad areas. First, topological understandings of power following John Allen's work: exploring the modalities of finance (with Michael Pryke), biosecurity practices (with Nick Bingham), and the financialization of water. Second, research into urban and regional policies and processes looks at the structures of governance (Allan Cochrane, Gerry Mooney), issues surrounding innovation and sustainable development (Matthew Cook) as well as social inequalities shaped through the city (Sophie Watson, Gerry Mooney). Finally, this theme examines issues pertaining to global trends in development, anti-poverty practices and transnational labour markets (Parvati Raghuram, Helen Yanacopulos, Giles Mohan, Melissa Butcher, Hazel Johnson, Theo Papaionannou).

For further information on this theme, please contact Parvati Raghuram.