Geography Matters

Lectureships in Geography at the Open University

The Geography Department at The Open University is currently hiring lecturers.

These roles will provide an excellent opportunity for early-career geographers to undertake teaching and research at the Open University and contribute to our new curriculum.

The application deadline is 30 August 2019.

To find out more and to apply, please visit the OU Employment page below:

About Geography at the Open University

The Geography Department at The Open University has a record of producing innovative research and teaching in both human and environmental geography. Our excellence in research has been recognised in the Research Excellence Framework (2014) rating exercise where over 75% of our outputs and 100% of our impact were ranked as world leading or internationally recognised. Our courses cover topics such as sustainability, environmental policy, cities and globalisation.

In teaching we aim to generate materials which address pressing current issues and also convey significant approaches to the field. We pride ourselves on producing courses that are cutting edge, yet also accessible to those with no previous knowledge of geography, consistent with our commitment to The Open University's teaching mission. For example, two of our courses focus on important areas of international political and policy debate, and which have also been central to geography: environment; and cities. A third course, Living in a Globalised World, provides a broad introduction to geographical approaches to a range of contemporary issues, from sweatshops and climate change to humanitarian responses in conflict situations and bio-prospecting.

To learn more about teaching in Geography at the OU, look at our Geography modules and qualifications. To know more about the topics covered by Geography, or to get a taster of geographical study, you can also access a number of short videos, audios, courses and written articles in OpenLearn's 'Geography Matters Collection'.

Research in the Department of Geography is conducted through the OpenSpace Research Centre. The OpenSpace Research Centre promotes research on geographical and environmental concerns. Our research aims to be conceptually and empirically innovative, and designed to engage with diverse publics. The Centre encourages a vibrant research environment, drawing on research expertise both within and beyond The Open University and academia.