jan van duppen

Looking for volunteers: New Generation paper project: a Travel Media Ethnography

We're looking for volunteers! Have you travelled in the UK or overseas in the last two years? Would you like to share your travel stories with us?

For our research project Next Generation Paper, we want to understand how you make use of media and technology before, during, and after your travel. We are interested in your  experiences as a tourist abroad and in the UK and would love to hear your stories about how you plan a trip, how you navigate places, and how you document and share your experiences.

How can you be involved?

In a show-and-tell conversation of up to 1 hour and at a mutually convenient location, we would like to hear your experience of using technology in the planning of your holidays, while you travel and also on your return home. This could be anything from websites and travel guides, to social media and blogs, and holiday photos and videos you’ve collected.

We are keen to get to know what technologies are relevant for you as a tourist: paper versus screen-based books, smart phones, tablets and notebooks, photo cameras, paper and digital maps etc.

All data from interviews and images/videos/blogs shared with the team will be anonymised, transcribed verbatim and will solely be used for this project.

For more detailed information on the project, see our dedicated project webpage here. If you are able to participate, or would like to find out more about the project, please email: jan.van.duppen@open.ac.uk