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Professor Parvati Raghuram's keynote on Who Cares? The (in)visibility of caring responsibilities and working in Geography

Professor Parvati Raghuram gave a keynote on ‘Who Cares? The (in)visibility of caring responsibilities and working in Geography’ at the University of Oxford on 10th January 2019, which discussed the challenges of combining responsibilities as a parent and/or carer with a career in Geography.

The workshop follows on from an informal session at the 2017 RGS-IBG Conference on ‘Parenting/caring and working in Geography’. Delegates at that session agreed on the pressing need for an open, frank and supportive discussion about the challenges of being a parent and/or carer and working in universities, as well as practical advice about how to negotiate these challenges, in an increasingly pressurised HE sector.

The workshop is a part of a World University Network grant: Migrants’ Decision-Making in the Context of Shifting Migration Regimes: Highly Skilled Healthcare Professionals. And there were papers from researchers reflecting on their own experiences of combining caring with academic work; and roundtable discussions on fieldwork, conferences and Athena SWAN.