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Gerry Mooney, Philip O'Sullivan and Doreen Massey on the Scottish Independence Referendum and beyond

OpenSpace Research Centre was delighted to welcome Dr Gerry Mooney, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Criminology at the Open University in Scotland, who gave the following presentation: Critical Reflections on the Scottish Independence Referendum: Questions of Class, Nation and Political Geography

Emeritus Professor Doreen Massey was discussant at this seminar.

Listen to the seminar in full here. To aid your listening, a PDF version of Dr Mooney's accompanying Powerpoint presentation is downloadable from the attachment link below.

Doreen Massey's intervention can be heard from timepoint 53:55.

Abstract. The 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum concluded that Scotland should stay within the United Kingdom – but for how long? For some commentators the No to Independence for Scotland outcome means that the issue of Scottish Independence has been killed off for some considerable time! The reality is far more complex and the future even more uncertain. A Referendum which has appeared to give support to the continuation of the UK as we know it today has at the same time opened-up a wide ranging set of questions which are now shaking the foundations of the UK. There is now something of a growing Constitutional Crisis in the UK – and resolution of which can only appear to be at the benefit of one of the constituent countries of the UK at a cost for the others. The Scottish Independence Referendum did not result in a crushing defeat for the pro-Independence movement. To claim such betrays a serious misunderstanding of the basis of that campaign and of the issues that ignited and fuelled the demands for Scottish Independence. Where now for Scotland in the uncertain futures which now increasingly shape Scottish (and UK) politics and society today? 


Gerry Mooney podcast interview

In his podcast interview recorded on 26 November 2015, Gerry offers insights into the referendum's implications for Scotland's future, for England and the outcome of the General Election. He also provides some interesting anecdotes of a recent lecture tour to the USA, where idealized notions of "Scotland" do not tally Gerry's Scotland, nor the reality inscribed in the referendum's political geographies.

Click here to access Gerry's 18-minute interview on the the OU Podcast page.


Northern Ireland Assembly Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series (KESS)

In the build up to the Scottish Independence Referendum, Gerry Mooney and Philip O'Sullivan (The Open University in Ireland) were invited to give two papers at Stormont, Belfast, on 12 November 2014. Their papers considered different aspects of The impact of the Scottish Independence Referendum on Devolution and Governance in the United Kingdom.

OpenSpace is delighted to be able to make these papers publicly available:

  • KESS Paper 1: The Scottish Independence Referendum: Themes and Outcomes
  • KESS Paper 2: After the No Vote: Devolution and Governance in the UK: Consequences and Questions for Northern Ireland
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