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Paul-François Tremlett on the relationship between religion and social change

Dr Paul-François Tremlett is a Lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University. His interests focus on contemporary East Asian religiosities and spiritualities, spatialities and geographies and place-making practices, modernity(ies) and secularism(s), cognitive theory of religion, Marxism and classical and contemporary social theory.

His OpenSpace seminar on 29 January 2014 engaged with the idea of the sociology of 'post-territorial religion'. In this podcast, Dr Nadia Bartolini asks him to elaborate on this idea, particularly in relation to his recent fieldwork in Hong Kong. The chosen image for the podcast is of a shrine on the path to the summit of Mount Banahaw in the Philippines.

Below, you will find links to three of Paul's papers relating to the issues discussed in the podcast, including the Occupy movement and the 'ancestral sensorium', the latter being included in Dr Graham Harvey's edited collection, The Handbook of Contemporary Animism (2013).

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