Sara MacKian engages with the spiritual in everyday life

Dr Sara MacKian is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Wellbeing at the Open University. Following her OpenSpace seminar on 7 March 2012, Nadia Bartolini spoke to Sara about her views on how to consider and locate the spiritual in social science research. 

The photo chosen below was taken in Aberystwyth. As Sara describes: "In the summer of 2008, a stone circle appeared on the beach overnight. Over the few days it was there, people added to the circle, created smaller circles alongside it and a pathway leading up to it. They washed the stones, photographed it, meditated on it and lit candles. Perhaps surprisingly the only thing they didn’t do was destroy it! For those few days, before it was washed away in a high tide, it seemed to provide a 'spiritual' space which spoke to everyone in some way."

For more information, please visit the Everyday Spirituality blog:

We have also provided a link below to Sara's paper in Methodological Innovations Online.

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